Combined activities with BGS

For more than 100 years, Firbank and Brighton Grammar have been brother and sister schools.

 Whilst both schools strongly believe in the benefits of single sex education in the adolescent years, we also recognise that it is important for boys and girls to interact with one another. The proximity of both schools makes this interaction easy to achieve, therefore, Year 7 girls experience combined curriculum days and events with Year 7 Brighton Grammar boys.

Combined Curriculum Days

There will be three of these held during the course of 2016. Students from the two schools work collaboratively on academic pursuits utilising the local area and both School campuses. 

Year 7 Social Evening

This is a particular highlight of the year! This is purely a social occasion held on a Friday evening at Brighton Grammar School and is a chance for the Year 7 students of both schools to interact in an informal setting. Whilst it is supervised by staff from both schools, the evening is hosted by the Year 12 Prefects from both schools.

Book Club

Members of Book Club meet every term to discuss the novel that the students have read. The meetings are hosted at each school alternatively. 

Philosophy Colloquium

A Philosophy Colloquium is held three times a year, in conjunction with Brighton Grammar, and is an important part of academic enrichment for selected students. The aim is to enhance the development of metacognitive skills. Each Philosophy Colloquium creates a forum in which students can discover, analyse and discuss key philosophical questions.


During the course of the year, there are opportunities for interested Year 7 students to debate against the Year 7 Brighton Grammar boys.