Sports Notices

Weekly sports reslts - Finals



B TEAM           

Grand Final       Wash Out   Rescheduled Date / Time T.B.A.                             


INTERMEDIATE TENNIS      B TEAM                        


Semi Final         M.L.C. 4 / 32 d Firbank 0 / 18


JUNIOR TENNIS                      


A TEAM            

Semi Final         Star 4 / 32 d Firbank 0 / 14  


2017 Firbank Tennis Championships

Runner Up                         Maggie Shannon

Singles Champion            Erica Layton

Runner Up                         Isabel Lally & Annalise Christopoulos 

Doubles Champions        Josie Best & Abby McLachlan



On Tuesday evening, 28 March, the GSV held their Finals evening for Swimming and Diving. This is where the 10 best Junior, Intermediate and Senior Divers based on all the results in the GSV compete against each other, as do the 10 best Swimmers in each year level for each stroke. It is a prestigious event and the standard of competition is extremely high.

This year, Allie Klein, Maia Shannon, Evie Laycock, Amy Kenny, Isobelle Brosnahan and Zoe Adam-Gedge all qualified for finals in diving, and Natalie Nyaguy, Allie Klein, Sarah Webster, Tessa Murray, Olivia King, Maxi Ness, Laura Cantwell, Emmie Frederico, Lauren Bond, Sarah Cooper, Kira O’Donoghue, Abby Hallam, Abbey Parsons, Sherrie Chen, Lauren Pratt, Chloe Tascioglu, Grace Whitehouse, Mimi Bartels, Ailin Liu, Sophie Conlan, Jessica Koszocic, Eliza Hacking and Stella Oldfield all qualified for finals in swimming, either as part of a relay or in an individual event. Unfortunately, Tessa Murray, Emmie Frederico and Grace Whitehouse were unable to participate on the night, and their places in relays were taken by Jas Wilson-Cohen, Lauren Bond and Lucinda Mottram. As mentioned, the standard was very high, however, Firbank had a great deal of success! We congratulate the following girls who won medals on the night:

GOLD MEDAL - Allie Klein  (senior Diving); Natalie Nyaguy (Yr 12 50m Breastroke - new GSV record!); Ailin Liu (Yr 7 50m Backstroke - new GSV record!); Yr 7 Medley Relay Team (Ailin Liu, Jessica Koszocic, Sophie Conlan, Stella Oldfield)

SILVER MEDAL - Isobelle Brosnahan (intermediate Diving); Zoe Adam-Gedge (junior Diving);

Ailin Liu (Yr 7 50m Breastroke); Natalie Nyaguy (Yr 12 50m Freestyle); Yr 7 Freestyle Relay Team (Ailin Liu, Jessica Koszocic, Sophie Conlan, Eliza Hacking)

BRONZE MEDAL – Ailin Liu (Yr 7-8 100m Freestyle); Natalie Nyaguy (Yr 12 50m Backstroke);

Maxi Ness (Yr 11 50m Backstroke); Sarah Cooper (Yr 9 50m Backstroke); Yr 9 Freestyle Relay Team (Sarah Cooper, Kira O’Donoghue, Sherrie Chen, Abbey Parsons); Yr 11 Freestyle Relay Team (Olivia King, Maxi Ness, Laura Cantwell, Lauren Bond)

Well done to all our swimmers and divers! Also, a big well done to our coaches, Jason Cooper, Nick Findeisen and Ian Scott, who all worked tirelessly to prepare our students.