Curriculum Overview

At Firbank, we are committed to offering our students an educational program which allows each student to achieve personal success. Our practice of reviewing subject offerings annually ensures that we provide a distinctive, contemporary education and a range of pathways.

Our overriding aim, across all subject disciplines, is to encourage a love of learning and to stimulate creativity, intellectual curiosity and independent thought. Emphasis is placed on taking individual learning styles into consideration when planning, teaching and assessing. In the delivery of curriculum, there is an emphasis on the development and use of critical thinking skills. Risk taking is valued. The curriculum aims to develop skills, particularly in core subject areas, with a continuing emphasis on literacy and numeracy and appropriate use of digital technologies.

Firbank values its tradition of high academic standards and the rich diversity of the student body. Each student is expected and encouraged to work consistently to the best of her ability. Sustained effort, the development of pride in one’s accomplishments and respect for self and others are highly valued.

Curriculum Booklets

These booklets are to be used as a guide to the curriculum. Within them you will find statements of the specific goals of each faculty. These goals inform all decision making and assessment.

Click here for VCE 2017 Curriculum booklet

Click here for Year 10 2017 Curriculum booklet

Click here for Year 9 2017 Curriculum Booklet

Click here for Year 8 2017 Curriculum booklet