Early Learning Centre

Welcome to the Early Learning Centre at the Sandringham Campus of Firbank Grammar.

At our Sandringham Campus, we have one three year old group and one four year old group. The Early Learning Centre is located on the same Campus as our Junior School and this allows us to use the excellent Junior School facilities as well as developing close ties with the children in the Junior School. Both ELC groups have ‘Buddies’ in Years 3 and 4 who visit throughout the year. Developing close relationships with the other students and teachers helps create a smooth transition from ELC4 in to Prep.

A totally refurbished ELC was opened at the beginning of 2013. We now have a beautiful, light-filled space for our youngest learners. This development included a new Staff area, a Meeting Room and a kitchen, which is essential to our cooking and gardening programs. The Meeting Room is used by the School Board, the School Leadership Team and the parents association. Staff meet in this room and parents can use it when meeting with teachers or outside specialists such as speech pathologists and occupational therapists. We believe that having this room in the centre brings the school to us and reinforces a sense of belonging.

The garden and cooking programs are closely linked and run by a staff member who is very committed to offering children the opportunity to make connections between the garden and what ends up on their plate. Each week, the children work with a staff member to ensure that the garden is well maintained and productive. The children use the produce from the vegetable garden in their cooking – the meatballs made with ELC grown herbs are a favourite!

The children also help to maintain the indigenous garden, which showcases plants that are native to the Sandringham area.

The staff at the ELC are dedicated to ensuring the development of well rounded, happy and enthusiastic learners. The best way to understand and get a feel for any place is to come and visit. We would welcome you and your child should you wish to visit our Early Learning Centre.


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