Early Learning Centre

Welcome to the Early Learning Centre at the Brighton Campus of Firbank Grammar.

At our Brighton Campus we have three and four year old groups. The Early Learning Centre is attached to the Junior School which allows us to use their excellent facilities. To foster a sense of belonging, the ELC groups interact with students from the Junior School through the Buddy program. They also attend assemblies from time to time and enjoy exploring the garden and playground that the Junior School students use.

The Early Learning Centre facilities underwent a refurbishment in 2015. A new classroom was created as well as a beautiful new, natural playground. The ELC team recognises the importance of developing the whole child. Whilst our program values the development of academic learning, these go hand in hand with the development of a child’s social skills, their motor and language skills as well as the development of their sense of identity and wellbeing. We value the outside space as a significant area for children’s learning. They make connections with their natural world and begin to develop a knowledge of the environment.

When the girls undertake the specialist classes in other parts of the Junior School they continue to develop their sense of belonging. They are welcome to the music, art and sports areas by the teachers and often visit other members of the school community. They are indeed important members of the school community.

The staff in the ELC are dedicated to ensuring the development of well rounded, happy and enthusiastic learners. The best way to understand and get a feel for any place is to come and visit. We would welcome you and your child should you wish to visit our Early Learning Centre.


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