The range of programs in the performing arts, sport and outdoor education open up exciting opportunities for students to create, play and be inspired.

Performing Arts

From Early Learning, students have opportunities to enjoy music. Choirs and instrumental groups complement the classroom music program and individual lessons. Students also have opportunities to participate in drama productions. Music lessons begin at 3 years old and instrumental lessons begin at Year 3 when each student is given a string instrument to learn on. Students are encouraged to participate in group orchestral performances as soon as possible after starting this program. Students wishing to further develop instrumental skills are able to register for private music lessons.

Drama and dance are included in our classroom and sports curriculums and students are given many opportunities to develop public speaking skills. Concerts and plays are a part of the curriculum from the first year of Early Learning. Students are encouraged to take part in a variety of drama productions culminating in our Year 6 musical production.


In physical education and sport programs, the emphasis is upon participation for enjoyment and the encouragement of positive attitudes towards fitness. For some students who display higher aspirations for involvement, the School assists by providing pathways to develop their sporting skills, including experiences in tiered competitions which may assist them to fulfil their potential.

The range of sports offered includes: swimming, diving, athletics, cross country, softball, netball, volleyball, tennis, snow sports. Our school competes in the Balaclava District Sports Association.

Over recent years, Firbank has developed a comprehensive ‘Community Sport’ program which provides opportunities for students to participate in sporting competitions from the local level right up to National Competitions.

Swimming and Diving – Firbank Aquastars Swim School is part of Fitbank and our students are invited to develop fitness and skills by training in the School’s pool.

Tennis – Firbank Tennis Club Tennis lessons are available before school or during lunchtimes and are open to all students from Prep to Year 6.

Netball – Firbank Netball Club is open to students from Year 1 to Year 6. Teams compete in the local competition on Saturday mornings.

Basketball – Sandringham House and Firbank Basketball Club