Full Fee Paying Overseas students

Firbank has a flexible approach to the entry of overseas students. We value the diversity of experience and knowledge that they bring to the School. Overseas students are encouraged to maintain their cultural integrity while adapting to Australian education and socialising with Australian students.

We recognise that overseas students require specific support structures.

Prospective international students from non-English speaking backgrounds are required to undertake the Australian Educational Assessment Services (AEAS) test as the subsequent report gives the School valuable information to assist the student’s orientation.

Overseas students are assisted in their orientation and on-going studies by the Overseas Student Co-ordinator who liaises with the academic and Boarding House staff, assists with meeting student visa requirements and communicates with parents and guardians regarding students’ progress and welfare. Administration is undertaken by the Enrolment Officer.

At all levels, English as a Second Language (ESL) is taught in small classes conducted by specialist teachers. The focus in these classes is upon developing students’ competence in speaking and writing English. Students are also supported in their work in other subjects e.g. by the teaching of specialist vocabulary.

School representatives travel to Asia regularly to meet families.


Overseas students may choose homestay or become boarders at the School. Homestay arrangements are monitored by the Overseas Student Co-ordinator. Living arrangements must be approved by the School.

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