Pen-y-bryn Society

 In 2005, the Firbank Foundation, together with the School Council, established the Pen-y-bryn Society to honour those who have indicated their intention to remember the School in their Wills.

'Pen-y-bryn' was chosen as the symbol for this bequest society because it is a name recognised by all students, both past and present.

Membership of the Pen-y-bryn Society is open to all individuals who make a bequest in their Will to the School. By doing so, they are recognising how important bequests are to the future of the School.

A Will is the most important document we will ever sign. It ensures that our interests are protected and our wishes honoured well beyond our lifetime. Without a Will, our assets are distributed according to an Act of Parliament and the distribution of an estate is a much more prolonged process, regardless of its size.

A bequest to the School does not have to be large. It can be given to be used at the School’s discretion or it can be directed to a specific purpose such as drama, to the library, scholarships or the construction of a new building.

Bequests can also be directed to the Education Support Fund, which provides bursaries to students in need of financial support.

A scholarship can be established in the name of the donor when a larger capital amount is received as a bequest and invested by the School. The interest generated annually can be used to enable a student to attend Firbank who would not otherwise have been able to benefit from a Firbank education.

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Pen-y-bryn Society